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Welcome to one of the biggest providers in the components sector for aluminium systems and metal construction in Saxony.

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Outline of the Company



Being one of the most modern and productive metal construction companies in Saxony, we see it as our responsibility to focus on quality and innovative working. Our central position on the market we want to maintain or increase, if possible.

To live up to our investor's, customer's and co-worker's expectations, Bellman focuses on securing the companies’ successful, continued existence.



Our most important priority is, to invent and create immaculate products and provide flawless services for our customers. This includes the abidance of external quality guidelines, as wells as internal quality guidelines. The management is aiming at an increase of quality. Therefor construction workers are schooled and possible mistakes are eliminated through prevention concepts.



The customers‘ satisfaction is of special importance to us. It is always tried to meet the high expectations of our customers. Long lasting cooperation with the clients is the key to customer satisfaction and the building of an established clientele.


Management and Employees

Bellmann tries to form a smart, capable and flexible management, which is able to react to sudden changes on the market or within the company. Through giving them the freedom and choice and the possibility to have their say within the company, we motivate our co-workers and foster an atmosphere of trust and understanding. Furthermore we create the necessities for an ever growing process of improvement.

We work towards given targets and steadily assess our products at any time. Fields of function, competences and responsibilities are arranged in detail. Bellmann supports and encourages further training and the self-improvement of their employees.

Our co-workers are remunerated appropriately according to their abilities and accomplishments. At the moment we prepare the introduction of a new guide system, which fulfils German “Norm ISO 9001:2000”.



Our aim is an autonomous financing, free of outer influences. By doing so, we want to create the highest revenue possible. We deploy our resources to best cost-benefit ratio.

Through ongoing financial investments we will further enhance our economical assembly and production.



Through the spontaneous judgment of problems and the finding of their solutions we try to maintain a high level of occupational safety.



We maintain our contacts to suppliers, authorities and other stakeholders actively and furthermore profess to our responsibility towards the environment. Working towards an efficient use of resources is one of our many liabilities.



Our trademark is registered at the "Verein für Präqualifikation von Bauunternehmen e.V." (register number: 010.025450)

Fire Protection

We are member of the "Überwachungsgemeinschaft Sachsen für Feuerschutz-, Rauchschutz- und Schutzraumabschlüsse e.V."

Manufacturer's Qualification

Manufacturer's qualification certificate for welding of steel constructions after DIN 18800-7:2008-11


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