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Welcome to one of the biggest providers in the components sector for aluminium systems and metal construction in Saxony.

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Markus Richter


Phone: +49 37322 563 18

eMail:   markus [.] richter [at] bellmann [.] de


Frank Pech


Phone: +49 37322 563 12

eMail:    frank [.] pech [at] bellmann [.] de


Carmen Fernschild


Phone: +49 37322 563 14

eMail:    carmen [.] fernschild [at] bellmann [.] de

Doors by Bellmann

Aluminum-doors by Bellmann are perfectly capable of the daily demands. Even highest requirements are met, since the doors are extremely stable and corrosion resistant.

We guarantee you a stress-free planning, building and fitting of our aluminum doors. For our doors, made of thermally insulated, multiple camber profiles, the following specifications can be applied:


  • break out system according to DIN EN 179 and DIN EN 1125
  • barrier-free
  • lift and slide door systems
  • sound protection requirements
  • burglary resistance
  • surface treatment/surface coating after RAL/DB
  • fittings of well-known companies
  • KOMPOtherm-doors for single- and multiple-family homes
  • assembly and sealing after RAL



Gates by Bellmann

For every task we offer the right gate with the right mechanical drive- and control system. As an HÖRMANN distribution partner we provide and assemble high quality products:


  • sectional doors
  • roller doors
  • (fire fighter-) folding doors
  • sliding gates
  • PVC-swing gates and
  • strip curtains.




Our trademark is registered at the "Verein für Präqualifikation von Bauunternehmen e.V." (register number: 010.025450)

Fire Protection

We are member of the "Überwachungsgemeinschaft Sachsen für Feuerschutz-, Rauchschutz- und Schutzraumabschlüsse e.V."

Manufacturer's Qualification

Manufacturer's qualification certificate for welding of steel constructions after DIN 18800-7:2008-11


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