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Markus Richter


Phone: +49 37322 563 18

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Frank Herrmann

Production Manager

Phone: +49 37322 563 35

eMail:   frank [.] herrmann [at] bellmann [.] de

Fire Protection and Safety Options by Bellmann


“It is our experience that we have to expect the triggering of fire at any time. There being no incidents for decades, does not mean, that there are no hazards within the building. It merely is the luck of the inhabitants, which might end at any time.”

(see judgment of the Oberverwaltungsgerichts Münster Az.: 10 A 363/86 of the 11.12.19987)


To our fire and smoke-proof building elements we lay down high requirements. They are important components of fire protection. In case of accidents they have the task to save human life and protect physical assets. On one hand they show escape routes for persons who want to leave the building and on the other hand they help emergency services to protect people. Fire- and smoke-proof elements will guarantee the safety of all people envolved.1


We are member of the Überwachungsgemeinschaft Sachsen für Feuerschutz-, Rauchschutz- und Schutzraumabschlüsse e.V. and offer you the planning, production, assembly, acceptance, examination and maintenance of fire and smoke protection systems. Working with other suppliers helps us to extend our standards.


1See Mink, Hans-Paul: Brandschutztüren, -tore und -fenster, Köln 2010



Our trademark is registered at the "Verein für Präqualifikation von Bauunternehmen e.V." (register number: 010.025450)

Fire Protection

We are member of the "Überwachungsgemeinschaft Sachsen für Feuerschutz-, Rauchschutz- und Schutzraumabschlüsse e.V."

Manufacturer's Qualification

Manufacturer's qualification certificate for welding of steel constructions after DIN 18800-7:2008-11


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