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The History of Bellmann


In year 1990 fitter and smith master Steffen Bellmann founded a metal construction company in Zethau (Mulda) and hereby kept up the over a century old metal construction tradition of the Erzgebirge, a region in Saxony.

One of the first doors in 1990
One of the first doors in 1990

In 1994 the small capacity of the buildings was used up, therefor it was decided to build a new construction hall and office building in Brand-Erbisdorf Gewerbegebiet Süd.


On the 1st of January 1996 the sole proprietorships’ legal form was changed to that of a company with limited liability.


Well-situated on ‘Bundestraße 101’, continuous investments into the latest machines and techniques, as well as a steady growing and highly motivated personnel, made it necessary to extend the production and storage capacity in 2005.


Location Brand-Erbisdorf
Location Brand-Erbisdorf

Throughout the history of ‘Alusysteme - Metallbau Bellmann GmbH (AMB)’ the alignment changed from piece production of windows and doors towards an approximate serial production of windows, doors, gates, winter garden and complete exterior facades, as well as their assembly.


Next were orders from bigger companies like ‘MAN’, for whom ‘AMB’ refurbished office buildings and production halls in Dachau near Munich. High profile jobs like this offered the chance to display the capability of ‘Bellmann’s’ with the fulfillment of high quality requirements.


In 2009 system solutions for car dealerships of the ‘Man’ and ‘VW’ concerns were developed and constructed. These products perfectly fitted the groups’ corporate identity and were built using high value milling and edging technologies, alongside opening a new department.


The businesses’ manager – Steffen Bellmann – had the opportunity to add another corporate division by 2010. Through leasing another production hall in Dresdens’ north and by almost doubling their employees in the process, it became possible to develop and assemble the roof and façade technic for any newly built ‘McDonalds’ subsidiary.


Quickly became the rented space at Dresden Weixdorf too small to fully support the businesses‘ opportunities and therefore a new logistics location was planned to be constructed. By the 1st of August 2011 the newly built business premises in Wilsdruff – close to the ‘Bundesautobahn 4’ and even closer to Dresden – were put into operation. The 3.000 m² property gave room to a new storage and commissioning hall with integrated offices, which operates with the latest machinery and equipment.


Location Wilsdruff
Location Wilsdruff

At the moment we operate with 38 employees in two different locations. We also train two apprentices to become skilled workers – a specialist for metal technics and a metal worker who specializes into construction technics.


We pride ourselves with being a member in the „Überwachungsgemeinschaft Sachsen für Feuerschutz-, Rauchschutz-, und Schutzraumabschlüsse“, which verifies the high value product we stand for with our name. Furthermore we are part of the „Verein für die Präqualifikation von Bauunternehmen e.V.“ The certificate for welding steel constructions till EXC2 (DIN EN 1090-2) we possess since 2014.


Through our highly productive manufacturing sites, engineering system solutions, well know quality, excellent references and effective and efficient organization, we rank among the most modern and potent metal processing companies in Saxony.



Our trademark is registered at the "Verein für Präqualifikation von Bauunternehmen e.V." (register number: 010.025450)

Fire Protection

We are member of the "Überwachungsgemeinschaft Sachsen für Feuerschutz-, Rauchschutz- und Schutzraumabschlüsse e.V."

Manufacturer's Qualification

Manufacturer's qualification certificate for welding of steel constructions after DIN 18800-7:2008-11


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